Infrared camera technology provides new perspective on furnace inspection routines. Regular furnace inspections are crucial to avoiding hydrocarbon processing problems, such as variations in product quality, process line shutdowns and physical damage to the equipment itself. However, many of the monitoring and inspection tools commonly used in the past are inadequate for identifying potential sources of failure before processing problems become critical. These tools include arrays of thermocouples installed at various points inside furnaces to monitor temperatures.
For furnace control and inspection routines that still include thermocouple monitoring, a thermal imaging camera offers an accurate way to validate the thermocouple temperature readings. IR cameras can identify buildup or damage and can even detect non-functioning burners. The results of the camera readings offer facility managers the tools needed to make a better assessment of the level of coking, slag buildup, etc. Plants can continue operating safely, or prepare for an orderly shutdown and component replacement, thereby minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs and preventing production losses.
Infrared Camera visualizes gas leak in real-time for high temperature industrial furnace applications. Monitors all types of furnaces, heaters, and boilers in the Oil & Gas Industry